Ok Hwa Cheong

Artist Cheong’s work is based on microcosmic nature of society, a formation from a small breathing life into a much larger being that starts with a touch of not just several thousands of brushstrokes but that of many several hundred thousands. Viewers can imagine an ocean filled with microorganisms. The details and the process of her work from these endless numbers of brushstrokes definitely draw a cry of amazement and awe.

Also, her work delineates innocence and purity, the motif of harmony through life. During her school years in Paris, she focused on life and harmony to send a message of hope and love, and warmth of human nature through her work.

Graduated from Chugye University for Arts majoring in Western Painting (1993)
Studied in Paris Atelier Contre Point (1994-1998)

Space In Art (SIA) NY Gallery, Chelsea, NY (2016)
Gallery Hwan, Insadong, Seoul, South Korea (2014)
Danwon Exhibition Center, Ansan, South Korea (2004)
Dukwon Gallery, Insadong, Seoul, South Korea (2004)
Danwon Exhibition Center, Ansan, South Korea (2002)
Sandeun Cultural Art Center (landscape), Hongchel-gun, Nae-myun, South Korea (2001)
Dada Gallery, Insadong, Seoul, South Korea (1999)
Olympics Memorial Center, Ansan, South Korea (1999)

Scope Miami Beach Art Fair, Miami, FL (2016)
Affordable NY Art Fair, NY, NY (2016)
40th Anniversary Exhibition at Chugye University for Arts (2014)
52nd Salon Artistes du Hurepoix, Paris, France (1998)
50th Salon de Saint-Cloud Peinture-Sculpture Art Contemporain, Le Pris du Lions Club, Paris, France (1998)
And More…

Selected for Abstract competition of the Grand Art Exhibition of Korea (2016)