Breathing at the Park

Breathing at the Jersey City

Garam Lee

I breathe, you breathe and we all breathe. We take the action of breathing for granted. As long as I breathe, I will be a living being. It is evidence that I am an existing being on this earth. God has breathed the life into man’s nostrils to form a human and for Buddhists, breathing is a way to meditate properly. Sanskrit word pranayama meaning breath and extension of life force is used among Buddhists when they practice meditation. Properly breathing is the most crucial part of meditation practitioners. It is clear that the Buddhists closely connect breath and life.

The method that I use with the hot glue is well connected with how Buddhism and Christianity consider breath as life. As soon as I apply the hot glue on my Buddha statues, I breathe my air to form a surface. The art works clearly do not have the actual life but have my breath paths on them. My art works are to show the final product of my breath of life. Multiple actions of breathing are to breathe life on objects that inspired me or had important meanings at some point in my life. Breathing process is my sacred respect and my adoration towards the personal objects and inspiring figures.

2012 MFA: C.W. Post, Long Island University, Brookville, NY

2012 Kips gallery (sound of breathing) 5th solo show (New York, U.S)
2011 re house gallery 4th 2011 Sal Gallery (New York, U.S)
2007 Koolldam Gallery (Incheon, Korea)
2006 Kwanhoon Gallery ‘Eternal’ (Seoul, Korea)

2014 Affordable art fair (The Metropolitan Pavilion, NY)
2014 The 7th Annual International art Exhibition New Era(Jersey City hall, NJ)
2014 Korean Alumni Associate Fine art show (Brookville. NY)
2014 Center for Contemporary Art special installation (Bedminster, NJ)
2014 Small artwork show (440 gallery, Brooklyn NY)
2013 Spectrum Art Expo. (Javis Center NY)
2013 Dumbo ART Festival ( Brooklyn, NY)
2013 Art Market CAP (Community Art Project)
2013 (Yegam ArtSpace. NY)
2013 High On Visual-art, Huchins Gallery, NY
2013, Jang Eun Sun Gallery, (Seoul Korea )
2013 (New York. U.S) 2013 ‘Korean Art Show’ Group exhibition