Eternal Light at the Seoul Art Center Museum

Eternal Light

Han Ho

Looking at the sky through the mind’s eye.
Han Ho, an artist becoming increasingly global, has the basis of his works in personal introspection. Also, shape of memories and modern meditation intersect to approach this basis with a question about humanity. The directivity of his works has its root in light. The light is the only substance and is regarded as the universe or celestial body. It is the messenger that delivers hope to be instinctively possessed by human beings.When the point where the sky and ground come together is expressed in Han Ho’s works, installation works using large-scale multimedia are mainly applied. The scale of these works brings an extremely intense feeling.


2008-2005 Pr,  d,o,c Fine art of Paris 8 Department of Fine art, M.A.P Vincennes university.

2013-1998 15th solo Exhibition invited by New York,Paris,Beijing,Seoul.

2014 « WARWR « Commemoration of the 10th anniversary of SOMA – Soma Museum of Art, Seoul.
2013 Play of space – split second, Changwon Asian Contemporary Art – Seongsan Art Hall, Changwon
2012 ILE DE ROYALE reported pre-Geumcheon Art Factory Art Space, Seoul.
2012 Birth and Consolation – Seoul Art Center Museum, Seoul.
2011 Myung –Sung Queen of Royal contemporary art Exhibition- Seoul Art Center Museum.
2009 Dreawing biennale DMZ ,HEYRI GALLERY MOA – HEYRI.
2008 PANASIA International Performence Festival -Mulle Art Center –Seoul.
2007 International Midia Perfomence Fastival -gwang lotte gallery- gwang ju.
2005 “THE SEOUND OF NATURE” International nature art Biennale-gongju.
2004 “Play& Moment” National Contemporaly Seoul art Center –Seoul.