Fate at Waterfall Mansion


Sangyong Lee

Art emerges from an encounter between the outside and the interior world of artist.  Shrouded in the illusion of cultural globalization, we have become acculturated to other places in the world as they enter our virtual world. Artists call up diverse images, providing fresh stimuli and recognizing the unknown in their environments. Despite the duality and ambiguity, artists make works that provide people emotional awakening and ideals by which they can mutually confirm their identities or concepts that lead to stasis within life’s complexity.


2013 Seoul International Finance Center-Seoul,Korea
2012 JJ Gallery Invited Exhibition–Seoul ,Korea
2012 Kips Gallery-Chelsea, New York,, USA
2011 Sup Gallery Invited Exhibition-Seoul,Korea
2010 Maum Gallery Invited Exhibition-New York ,USA
2009 Tenri Gallery Invited Exhibition-New York, USA
2007 Flanders expo – Brussels-Belgium
2007 The Unified Government Building Invited exhibition-Korea
2007 Gallery Ho Invited Exhibition-Seoul, Korea
2005 Danwon Museum Invited Exhibition-Ansan, Korea
2002 Gwanhoon Gallery-Seoul, Korea

2014 G-Seoul 14 art fair,DDP –Seoul,Korea
2014 Chicago International Art Fair-Chicago,USA
2014 Palm Beach Art Fair-Miami,USA
2014 LA Art Show –LA,USA
2014 Artshow Busan 2014-Busan,Korea
2014 New York Scope Art Show -New York,USA
2013 Miami Context –Miami,USA
2013 Toronto Internatinal Art Fair ,Toronto,Canada
2013 Houston Art Fair ,Houston,USA
2013 G Seoule Art Fair ,Hillton Hotel,Seoul,korea
2012 Seoul Living Art Fair ,COEX- Seoul, Korea
2012 Art Asia Miami – Miami,USA
2012 Seoul Open Art Fair-Seoul,Korea
2012 Cheong Dam Art Fair -Seoul,Korea
2012 Korea Art Show – Seoul, Korea
2012 Busan Art Show – Busan , Korea
2012 Bama Busan Art Show – Busan, Korea
2012 Spoon Art Fair – Hong Kong
2012 Hong Kong Contemporary -Hong Kong
2012 Yong Art Tapei – Tapei
2012 Korean Art Show-New York .USA
2011 Art Hampton New York, New York, USA
2011 The Affordable Art Fair Singapore-Singapore,Singapore
2011 Red Dot Miami-Miami,USA
2011 Doors Art Show-Seoul,Korea
2011 Korea Art Show- Seoul,Korea
2011 Scope New York -New York, USA
2011 Red Dot New York – New York,USA
2011 Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair – Hong kong, Hong kong
2010 Scope Miami – Miami,USA
2007 Flanders Expo Gent-Brussels,Belgium

2014 Changwon Asia Art Festival-Changwon,Korea
2014 Jersey City Invitational Exhibition And 7th Youth Art Contest –Jersey City Hall NJ,USA
2013 Mathone BruneLli Gallery MARIAL WORLD Exhition – Hamp tions, New York
2013Chaes art center Group exhibition- Busan, Korea
2012 Waterfall Gallery Group show – New York,USA
2012 Gallery Button, Group Exhibition-Seoul, Korea
2012 JJ Gallery 3 people Exhibition –Seoul, Korea
2011 JJ Gallery Group exhibition – Seoul, Korea
2011 Gallery Maum Group exhibition- New York, USA
2011 Gallery JJ Group exhibition – Seoul, Korea
2011 Gallery Space Maum Group exhibition- New York, USA
2011 Gallery Art@Renaissance Group Exhibition – Brooklyn New York, USA
2011 Gallery Sup Group Exhibition – Seoul, Korea
2011 Gallery Gaga Art Of life Group Exhibition-Seoul, Korea
2011 Gallery Gaga Group Exhibition-Seoul, Korea
2010 Gallery Maum Group Exhibition- New York, USA
2010 Gallery Korea Group Exhibition-New York, USA
2010 US, FBI Project Group Exhibition-FBI Building, NJ, USA
2010 US, DHS Project Group Exhibition-Newark Liberty international Airport, NJ, USA

Haines Gallery (San Francisco, USA)
Azadehshladovsky Inc. (USA)
Oppenheim Architecture ( Miami. USA )
Korea Cultural Service ( NY. USA)
Tongin Express (NJ.USA)
Takami Brldal ,Inc ( Japan)
Kolon Group (Korea)
and ( Korea ,USA ,Iceland, England ,Japan…)