Skin of Time

Skin of Time


Tae-Hoon Choi

Choi Tae Hoon’s current focus is on the pursuit of the cosmic divine tree. Once the massive tree-like structure—implying a mystic forest filled with luminous force, a young mysterious land from the beginning of time—is put on display, it’ll finally come into its own. His work is an analogy of nature, translated as the mystic forest, and it strives to have visitors feel a reverence for nature while endowing his work with a spark of divinity. The source of this reverence is the light he enjoys using, and the tree shedding light, the artificial divine tree, may have visitors acknowledge spirituality. It is a virtue embedded in Choi Tae Hoon’s work that people will experience cosmic spirituality through the blaze emitting from the gigantic tree.

In this situation, Choi Tae-hoon no longer serves as a sculptor, but as a shaman
who connects humans, the earth, and the universe. As a proxy of god, the shaman in modern society or contemporary art has gradually been losing his or her function and role. But the more civilization progresses, the more shamans as a proxy of spirituality are being sought. Choi Tae Hoon uses diffusing light in order to give a certain spiritual feeling to steel. It does not really matter whether visitors feel the cosmic spirituality as the artists intends, or whether they simply enjoy the external structure of the work. What really matters is that his work is expanding its reach, and that he continues to push the limits in search of the next breakthrough.

M.F.A Kyung-Hee Univ. Seoul Korea (1998)
B.F.A Kyung-Hee Univ. Seoul Korea (1994)
Cite Internationale des Arts Residency Program (Paris, France)
Vermont Studio Residency Program (USA)
Visiting Professor of Northeast Normal University (Chang-chun, China)
Lecturer of Joon-Ang University
Kumho Art Studio
Jang Heung Atelier

2014 ‘TaeHoon-Dyeon’ – Nampo Art Museum
2013 ‘Both Sides’ – Zhengzhou, China
2012 ‘The flower looks as my elder sister’ – Gong art space, Korea
2012 ‘Invisible Man’ – Gallery Jireh, Paju, Korea
2009 ‘Dual Skin Project’ – Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea
2007 ‘Skin of Time’ – Gallery Touch Art, Gyeong-Gi Do
2006 ‘Galaxy’ – Kim Chong Yung Sculpture Museum,Seoul, Korea
2005 ‘Gold Line’ – Cite International des Arts, Paris, France
2004 ‘Wall Sculpture’ – Gallery ARTSIDE, Seoul, Korea
2003 ‘Iron Age Stories’ – Dukwon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2002 ‘Small But Great’ – Gallery ARTSIDE, Seoul, Korea
2000 ‘Aesthetics of Slowness’ – Moran Museum of Art, Korea
1998 ‘Freedom from the Existential Pain’ – GANA Art, Seoul, Korea

2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition 3rd prize (Qingdao, China)
2012 Wuhu Liu Kaiqu Award International Sculpture Exhibition (wuhu,china)
2012 Artist of the year 2012, Misulsegye (Sculpture part)
Artist of the Year 2006, Kim Jong Young Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
Chungdu Biennale, Chungdu, China
’96 Donga Art Prize’ of Donga Art Fair
’91 The Youth Art Fair’
‘Special Prize’ at the 3rd MBC Figurative Sculpture Fair
‘Special Prize¡¯ at the 4th MBC Figurative Sculpture Fair
‘Excellent Prize’ of the Youth Art Fair

National Museum of Contemporary Art, BMoMA, Ordos Art Museum(Mongolia), Gyeonggi-Do Museum of Art, Jeollabuk Do Provincial Office, Hilton(Beijing), Mt. Naejang Sculpture Park, Jangseong Sculpture Park, Pohang Steel art, Seol-Bong Park, Manse Sculpture Park in Ansung, Submit Place (Pan-Gyo), Gonji Rock Sculpture Park, Shin-Il APT, Home Plus, Renaissance Hotel, Esiapolis (Daegu), Samsung Hotel, Tower Palace, Kumho Uh-ulim, emart, Daewoo Purugio APT, Daerim E-Pyeonansesang APT, Samsung Raemian, The City 7(Changwon, Korea), World Ceramic Biennale(Korea), Wuhu Sculpture park (China), Upper house(hongkong), SC Jae-il Bank, Pine Avenue (Ul-ji-ro), Bangalore (India), Morgan Stanley Building in Singapore, Avenuefrance